sabba gogomakoti

sabba gogomakoti

sabba had the recent privilege of being introduced to gogo christinah by the municipality of  kwadukuza. she is not only a grandmother to 9 of her own grandchildren, but also to the people of ward 29 – lovingly referred to as gogomakoti, meaning “our own grandmother”. at 72 years old, gogo has survived both her husband, and three of her six children. she has known both hope and despair in her life, but the trials have not stopped her outrageous laugh or generous hospitality


gogo currently resides in a shack made from mud, debris and metal sheets, which is on the verge of collapse. the house is small, and has no sanitary appliances. electrical wires hang loose from temporary supports placed strategically to stop the house from collapse. she shares this home with her niece and three children


sabba’s goal is to provide the building materials for gogo christinah’s new house. if you would like to donate building materials, please do so on our donate page. main stakeholders such as the municipality of kwadukuza, local professional builders, engineers, electricians, plumbers and volunteers from her local community assist with the building project. unskilled volunteers learn new construction skills that will empower them to find future work


although the life of gogo christinah and her immediate family will be radically changed, the community around her will also be transformed. training the local and unemployed with both new skills and values of servanthood, honesty and respect will achieve this goal

The beginning stages of building
SABBA plans

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