the 4 phases

sabba is a movement that co-creates a new reality of sustainable, values-based
community development for all south africans living in extreme poverty.
our mission to achieve this vision plays out in a recurring cycle of four phases

broad stakeholder representation


multiple institutions have been involved with the alleviation of poverty over the ages through aid and donor money. however, there is not enough aid and donor money to fulfill the dire need in the world. we are at an impasse


on the one hand we have business that has not reached true sustainability yet and on the other hand, the aid-based model is not sustainable either. consequently, sabba proposes that a broad range of stakeholders collaborate more closely in order to find an exit to this impasse


sabba invites like-minded partners in the sustainable social, for-profit businesses, local government, ngo’s and academic institutions, to volunteer time and expertise to collaborate in eradicating extreme poverty in
south africa


values formation


sabba eradicates extreme poverty by creating pattern-breaking change through sustainable community development. this change is prepared by embedding the values of servanthood, respect and honesty in the second phase of the sabba model’s application


stakeholders such as church or para-church organizations take responsibility for the sabba values formation. the sabba movement adheres to all christian values and serves the extreme poor regardless of colour or creed


beneficiaries who are ready to commit to the values of servanthood, respect and honesty, become members of sabba by signing a sabba movement agreement


sustainable sabba homes & community nodes


in the third phase of the sabba movement’s model, community formation is facilitated by sabba members building their own sustainable community nodes and homes. this process provides a platform that kickstarts community transformation, restores dignity and gives hope


under the current conditions of extreme and rapid growth, especially in communities closer to bigger cities, sabba caters for change manifesting itself through designed space, allowing for the unpredictable. time and expertise to collaborate in eradicating extreme poverty in south africa


sabba homes and community nodes:

  • claim the public domain and positively occupy dangerously labelled spaces
  • to reduce opportunities for crime
  • improve and manage public spaces in a way that make residents who use them proud
  • involve residents in ownership and management of spaces to ensure a sense of citizenship which in turn will improve community cohesion and improve quality of life

social and for-profit businesses linked to global markets


positive change beckons everyone in south africa and beyond. sabba contributes to local markets and connect to global markets through applied, sustainable social and for – profit business skills, encouraging social entrepreneurship and allowing entrepreneurs to discover their sweet spots


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