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corlea human


quote-red2my exposure to the extreme poor has shown me how light drives out darkness. in spite of the extreme poor living in overcrowded homes where the challenges of disease, unemployment, crime, fear and misery are part of daily life, they still manage to maintain their dignity through resilience and resourcefulness. however, i’ve also been exposed to situations where servants of the poor tirelessly develop and implement sustainable solutions to unlock the full potential of the extreme poor


mentors such as Tony Meloto who says “the future of business is in social entrepreneurship, optimizing profit that restores human dignity, protects the environment and builds peace” have inspired me to join the global push in eradicating extreme poverty, by launching the sabba movement in South Africa


i am the president of ‘the human salmon foundation’ and hold a master’s degree in music from unisa, south africa, a diploma in sustainable business from business school lausanne (bsl) and the universität st. gallen, switzerland, an mba from bsl, switzerland and i am currently a doctoral student in business administration at the same university. i am happily married to delon and we have two well-loved sons, simeon and benjamin”

sheila anazonwu


quote-slatemy passion has been and remains to be a source of, to the best of my ability, encouragement, support and help to individuals from all walks of life, in realising their full potential. i believe that everyone has something to offer and contribute to making a better life for themselves and others in the home, community, country and beyond


my career covers activities in international healthcare management and relations. I hold a master of Science (msc) degree in International Relations from the University of Southampton (uk) and a bachelor of arts degree in european and social sciences, with a major in french language from the university of east anglia (uk)


what i would like to see achieved by sabba, is for its targeted audience to be truly and effectively empowered in making their unique contribution and impacting their homes, community and the nation of south africa”

sidesh rajballi


quote-green2my passion for life and architecture was shaped by my life as a child in a family with a single mom, an elder brother and a limited income. my upbringing enabled me to know what it would take to provide a backbone to families who lacked support – similar to what i’ve experienced growing up


my personal circumstances undoubtedly nurtured an early passion for architecture. i finished school and was admitted to the university of kwazulu-natal. in spite of a limited amount of resources, i qualified with a bachelor’s degree of architectural studies (bas) in 2008. i continued with postgraduate studies under the same circumstances and graduated with my master’s degree in architecture (m.arch) in 2016


i am currently doing an internship with ‘detail architects’, thereby slowly but surely fulfilling my childhood ambition. i have come to realize that life’s lessons for me started at grassroots level. i love coming alongside those who are less fortunate and i know that we are nothing without each other, especially if we cannot help each other”

mabette vermaak


quote-bluei obtained my b. arch degree at ‘tuks’, south africa in 1990. having recognised the growing need of clients for a complete, co-ordinated architectural – and interior design service, my current practice, ‘detail interiors – architects’, was established in november 1996


fusing logic with imagination and truth with discovery, ‘detail architects’ is a dynamic practice that aspires to provide ingenious, personalised design solutions. i love people. i find them interesting, amazing, complicated and sometimes even challenging! every client becomes my inspiration, bringing a beautiful point of difference to each project. recognizing the need of the client is the primary condition of design


“we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us” – winston churchill. i have become acutely aware that there must be more to life than existing. i am tired of being involved in discussions and thought processes tainted by income, race, colour, history or origin


why are we as humans inclined to keep on looking back when there are so many opportunities to work towards in the future? the truth in churchill’s quote made me realize that i can utilize my knowledge and experience to play my part in creating spaces that have a positive impact on people and the way they live


i am eager to bring what i have received to the table, to play an active role in giving people hope. creating a backdrop that can become a positive support act to the end user”


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